Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fast And Furious- Creating More Fury Holder is a liar.  That is not something you should say openly about the Attorney General of the United States of America but I can interpret this story as nothing less than intentional, blatant disregard for the truth; which, to me, is lying.  Supreme Legal Eagle, Eric Holder, who knows nothing about nothing when it comes to his department (or what lead to border patrol agent, Brian Terry's death), recently said that emails specifically referencing "Fast and Furious" have nothing to do with Fast and Furious / Brian Terry but rather another program called "Wide Receiver."

Unfortunately for Mr. Holder, the email states that it IS referring to "Fast and Furious" in addition to "Laura's Tuscon Case [a.k.a. Wide Receiver]."  Moreover, it makes references (plural) in the same sentence to both Fast & Furious and Wide Receiver which are separated by only one word, "AND."  So to say that "Fast & Furious" means "Wide Receiver," these guys would actually have to be saying- We're worried about Fast & Furious and that Fast & Furious case.  That makes no sense right?  Neither does Eric Holder's statement unless he's intentionally lying to misled Congress.

Why is this relevant?  If it's not obvious to you by now, you should go put your head in an oven.  It is relevant for a fistful of reasons.  The first of which being that it helps prove upper echelon people in the D.O.J., headed by Mr. Holder, knew about and likely approved of the tactics used in Fast & Furious.  Mr. Holder has testified that he did not know about Fast & Furious until after the Terry shooting incident and that he disapproved of the tactics used.  The referenced emails clearly indicate otherwise.

UPDATE: Holder Committee Votes in Favor of Contempt

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The so called "tactics" are far worse than what has been portrayed in the media lately.  The media is spinning this to say that the D.O.J. and B.A.T.F.E. only gave the guns to American gun dealers who they suspected of selling guns illegally (and those bad Americans later sold the guns to Mexican Drug Lords) which isn't really true. In truth, it appears that those Americans were not suspects at all but rather either conscripted into the plan or volunteered to be apart of the program to help B.A.T.F.E.  In other instances, it appears the D.O.J./B.A.T.F.E sold the weapons themselves through government agents to the drug cartel's buyers (guns that were purchased with millions of your tax dollars by the way).  What happened after the guns were sold?  Nothing.  B.A.T.F.E did absolutely nothing.  No arrests, no follow ups, no pursuit, no additional surveillance, nothing.   One of those guns was then used to kill Brian Terry (and probably many others) while he was trying to enforce laws that Eric Holder doesn't really seem to care about in the first place (namely stopping drug smugglers, illegal immigration and the general fallout of unenforced law).

Well now, it seems like there are still more documents coming to light that prove Mr. Holder did know about Fast & Furious before the time he indicated in his testimony. If that's true, he's in contempt and has committed perjury.

Ignoring the illegality of it all, what about simple moral considerations?  If you've been keeping track, you'll know it has been more than a year and a half since Brian Terry was murder. To date, not one single person has been punished for putting a gun in the hand of his killer.  Absolutely despicable.

"But who's fault is this really?", you ask.  Well, apparently, its yours.  Despite clear evidence that shows the guns were sold to drug cartels by our government and then simply allowed to "walk" into Mexico (where they were promptly forgotten about), Janet the Mighty Napolitano is saying U.S. Citizens are responsible for the majority of weapons in Mexico.  Too bad the AK-47 that killed Agent Terry has a serial number on it and that serial number can be traced directly back to Fast & Furious / Eric "I Know Nothing" Holder.  Oh, and let's not forget about the U.S. cables showing that 90% of heavy weapons actually come from central and south America.

When you read statistics like this it makes you wonder how many of the "light weapons" entering from the the United States actually come from legal, citizen sales (versus "projects" like Fast & Furious):
[Fast & Furious] involved ATF officials allowing approximately 2,000 weapons to be smuggled from the United States into Mexico. Among those guns, around 1,200 were never tracked down, according to the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.
 Well, we know they found at least one of them on December 14, 2010.

UPDATE:  Eric Holder MAY Be Held In Contempt.  MSNBC Says It's No Big Deal.  Nancy Pelosi Says She Could Have Karl Rove Arrested (Uhm, what are you talking about Nancy? Rove was an Adviser to "W" not the A.G. of America).  POTUS asserts "executive privilege" (Orders D.O.J. Not To Turn Over Documents). Everyone Else Says, "Uh-Oh, What Did POTUS Know?"

This is heating up nicely.

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