Monday, February 6, 2012


Not only does the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of POTUS' Administration not know what his department is doing, or when it is doing it, or how it is doing it, but more than two (2) years after the ATF's actions lead to the death of a border patrol agent, he still hasn't bothered to figure it out... To top it off, not one single person has been disciplined for Operation Fast & Furious. Not. One.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently testified that there were some "changes" made but no... no discipline for the death of a U.S. citizen. Two years after the fact. Nothing.

Here are his words, as if the term "as yet" indicates justice will be done... more than two years later. Maybe even three years later? Or ten? How long until we actually discipline someone Mr. Holder?
"No I have not as yet -- as yet," Holder said when questioned by Issa on the matter. "There have been personnel changes made at ATF. We obviously have a new U.S. attorney in Arizona. We have made personnel switches at ATF. People have been moved out of positions."
Very true, some people were moved, and then Mr. Holder praised them for their good work. What a peculiar sense of accountability he must have. A man died and two years after the fact NO-ONE has been disciplined for the program that directly contributed to Brian Terry's death. And yet, somehow, Holder believes he is competent in the administration of his office.

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