Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holder Did Know About Gun Runner, Fast & Furious Program

Attorney General and Supreme U.S. Lawyer, Eric Holder, testified (UNDER OATH) that he wasn't really sure when he heard about the Fast and Furious, Gun Runner Project, but believes he heard about it recently. Like, in the past few weeks.

Turns out, it was actually back in July of 2010 and we can prove it (and may have been even earlier as documents are still coming to light). So before anyone was killed, he knew. Other high-ups discussed the project and actually had the incredible depth of stupidity to think that the American public would think allowing guns into the hands of violent criminals was a good idea. Let me clear it up in case there is any future doubt: We do NOT think it is a good idea. What about a buy/bust operation? Maybe. That's a significantly different scenario. However, allowing thousands of guns to "walk" into Mexico without any real supervision or follow up... gee, that seems... let's say, "un-smart." I mean it could get someone killed couldn't it? When its all said and done, ask yourself this question: Why is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America testifying inaccurately about the biggest issue of his career? Did the facts just slip his mind? Did he not prepare for the hearing? I thought an attorney's entire job was to be over-prepared.

In the meantime, Supreme Big Sister, Janet The Mighty Napolitano, is telling us that American Citizens are the source of weapons in Mexico (while ignoring internal cables which actually show the majority come from south America where they are cheaper, easier to purchase in bulk and involve less attention by government... but we should ignore that. I mean Mexican gangs just love that "Made in Romania / China But Bought Through The USA" stamp don't they? I'd pay a premium for that stamp, wouldn't you?).

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