Monday, May 21, 2012

Voter Fraud Revisited

Voter Fraud is prevalent throughout the United States and in greater numbers than anyone wants to admit.  Voting is the fundamental reason why common citizens (you, John Q. Public) feel like they have a say in Government.  The great majority of people will never run for office but most of us will vote.  If you undermine that, you undermine the entire country.  So why would anyone resist efforts to purify the voting process?  Because if you can't win legally you might as well cheat.

In the state of Florida alone, there were as many as 53,000 deceased individuals still on the voting records who could have cast ballots from beyond the grave (because no one checks photo ID's at the time of voting...remember?).  There are also nearly 200,000 people registered to vote in the state illegally. Florida has a population of roughly 19 million individuals, so that 53,000 number seems like a small percentage.  Until you realize that the entire U.S. presidency came down to less than 1,000 votes during the 2000 elections.  So, you see, Mr. Holder, there is voter fraud and it is a problem.

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Florida isn't the only state with behind the ball voter eligibility procedures.  In fact, the majority of states use outdated social security information to identify deceased voters and virtually every state forgoes checking photo identification at the time of voting.  So, yeah, its easy to cheat the system.  You don't even need to go out and get a fake ID.  You can vote from home using some dead persons name. You can use the name of an inmate, who is still eligible to vote but never will because they're in jail.  You can go in and claim you're Tim Tebow or Brett Favre and they won't even bat an eye at you.  (You can even vote as Eric Holder if you like).  Or, if you're really serious about non-citizen civic participation, you can get a fake I.D. issued by the local DMV to vote under a newly assumed Nom De Guerre.  No one's really watching or even cares.  So don't sweat it.  Get out there and vote and vote and vote again!  Yay Freedom!

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