Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Voter Fraud


The United States Department of "Justice," run by Supreme Legal Eagle, Eric Holder (the same guy associated with the "fast and furious" program that killed a U.S. Citizen/Border Patrol Agent) has successfully prevented Texas and South Carolina from combating illegal voting.

Eric Holder and the DOJ have said that requiring photo-identification for voting purposes is "discriminatory" towards minorities. The reasoning goes something like this, because illegal aliens can't get photo identification easily / legally (that's a joke because they can) and because those individuals are often minorities, then the law(s) are racist. Or some other illogical gibberish along those lines. Honestly, it takes a matter of minutes to get an I.D. and we've had this discussion before. So how can requiring photo I.D. be a racial issue? Politics. That's the only explanation. In the end, if you are not competent enough to get a state issued photo I.D., you really shouldn't be permitted to vote. Either that or the DMV needs a serious revamp (an entirely debatable point... I would be more likely to concede to the NAACP and DOJ on this point but they choose to go with Racism instead so here we are...)

So, instead of focusing on the very real concern of voter fraud, our Department of "JUSTICE" [***] has decided to fight states seeking to protect the integrity of our most fundamental right... and in the process, diluting your ability to effectively participate in government. Here's a quote from the story that I found interesting:
Proponents of such legislation say the measures are aimed at combating voter fraud. But advocacy groups for minorities and the poor dispute that and argue there is no evidence of significant voter fraud. (emphasis added)

Oh really? What about this... or this... or this... or this... or.... You get the point.

Perhaps it is stories like the one above, in combination with the economic ice age (brought about largely by the current administration's policies), that has lead to POTUS's approval rate dropping precipitously.

*** "Justice" herein refers to a department apparently driven by political motivation and primarily concerned with drumming up political support for politicians currently looking terrible in the political arena but still seeking to retain political office through quasi-legal political voting systems. Justice, as used supra, shall not be confused with upholding the actual laws of the United States but, rather, should impart a feeling that the term involves re-interpreting judicial decisions under a set of contexts which are neither applicable nor relevant and, further, for the express purpose of nullifying actual voting "law(s)" as enacted by the people of the respective states.

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