Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AROUND THE WORLD: Voting And Such Other Trivialities

Normally, if I were a real blogger, I would apologize for not updating any posts recently so that  my dear readers would not abandon me. But, because I am neither a real blogger nor a blog with actual readers, I'll just say hello to myself.  Hi, me.  Hey.  How are you? Meh, I'm ok.  K.  Great.  Anything in the news?  Oh yes, indeed:


People are actively soliciting voter registrations from "disillusioned" groups... which in this case happens to mean dogs.  This dog, who has been dead for more than two (2) years, received a voter registration form, a legit one, in the mail.  Because voting is no big deal and the security of your civil rights is irrelevant.

Speculators are speculating about the United States' continued prominence (existence actually).  Predict possible Armageddon, moral decay, financial collapse, continued poor leadership, lack of responsibility... the usual.

Sensitive progressives really aren't very sensitive.  Mock Anne Romney's multiple sclerosis.

NASA-1977 is accomplishing a lot more than NASA-2012.  Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, after 35-ish years, are about to break out of our solar system (currently, they are 11.1 and 9.1 Billion miles from home, respectively, and still functioning).  NASA-2012 replied to NASA-1977, "Huh? What are these things you call 'science' and 'outer space'?  Teach us your ways of the flying object... and can we borrow some money.  We have no money."


Crazy Ivan/Vlad the Putin has returned to prominence.  Is acting very scary as of late. 

Vlad, plus Iran, plus Syria, plus CHINA is a whole lot of crazy and even scarier.  Currently, planning war games.  Gee, I wonder who this is supposed to be a message to...

Egypt is destabilizing, threatening Israel (following its stabilization by ousting foreign interests i.e. American NGO's encouraging civil rights in the country... applied here to mean discouraging the murder of women for learning to read and going outside of the house).

CURRENT WORLD STATUS:  Ignorantly Chipper.

Here's the Awesome Scale as I imagine it.


Now, you might think that Utterly Awesome would be the "good" side of the scale but unfortunately you're wrong because this scale monitors world mood, not the actual state of existence.  So the closer we are to the Utterly Awesome side of things, the closer we are to impending destruction.  I like to think that this very-backward approach is a good representation of how quixotic things are.

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