Monday, March 19, 2012

Invasive Living

The concept of privacy is dying. If you want proof, check out this article regarding the CIA and your t.v. set. Smart devices provide excellent little bread trails about your activities. (When you get home, what you're interested in, etc., etc., etc.) So the Federales want to use those devices for espionage.

If that doesn't get your dander up, at least a little, then THIS might. POTUS has issued some sort of martial law related executive order for assessing apocalyptic preparedness... and ensuring there are sufficient resources to stifle any domestic concerns.

That wouldn't be sooo bad (the same order, essentially, has been around for years) if our Government didn't have a history of taking things a little too far in terms of control. See Interment Camps.

When viewed in conjunction with stories like this you can see why people are getting a little nervous about federal authority. Attorney General Eric Holder (the guy whose department bought a gun, sold it to drug lords and then allowed those same drug lords to kill a U.S. border patrol agent... with the gun we sold them... and then claimed that U.S. citizens were the one's selling guns illegally to drug lords) is extremely anti-gun. So much so, that he had commercials created so we could "brainwash" kids into hating firearms. That's right. Instead of teaching citizens about their rights and how to exercise them responsibly, he'd rather you just completely fore go those rights all together... by brainwashing you. Probably not the best choice of words Eric.

And then there's the TSA. As much as we talk about the TSA you would think some of this stuff is made up. Sadly, it isn't. The Transportation Security Authority really is that bad.

This past week they actually made a wheelchair bound child go through an "enhanced" pat-down. His parents were not permitted to be with the child during the "professional" molestation.

Another TSA worker was recently indicted on federal child pornography charges. But that doesn't reflect on the TSA or their hiring process...

Yet another TSA worker was arrested with a boatload of heroin packaged for street sale. Seems like a solid group of folks over there at the TSA. No wonder Orlando wants to kick them out of their airports.

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