Thursday, May 17, 2012

Israel v. Iran- Coming Soon?

So, it seems like the international pressure is heating up on Iran and Iran is saying, "Ahck Hem, AL Deem. (blah blah blah)..." which Google loosely translates to mean, "We Are Crazy, We Don't Care What You Say, Crazy Wins, Crazy Wins Always!"

Iran is still enriching uranium to higher levels.  Iran is still violating U.N. sanctions.  Iran is still sending weapons to Syria.  Iran is still bringing in materials necessary for enriching uranium to weapons grade levels.  Iran is still working on an ICBM (soon to be topped with the aforementioned highly enriched uranium).  So, basically, nothing has changed since the sanctions went into effect and this whole brew-ha-ha kicked off.  Why do we think things might change this time?  Because Iran has agreed to "met" and "talk?"  No, because we are a bit crazy also.  I understand the desire to try all options but the end conclusion is inevitable- Iran will never cease its attempts to develop an atomic bomb.  They are simply buying time.

Israel is getting concerned because Iran has said repeatedly, and recently, that the Israelis need to be wiped off of the face of the planet.  So, Israel is getting ever more serious about destroying Iran's nuclear processing facilities.  As time goes on, those facilities are hardened and Israel is reaching a point where, strategically, their hand may be forced.  The United States has been saying, take 'er easy Isreal, but as of this week the U.S. Ambassador recently stated that American attack plans were already in place and ready to go.  Meaning, we're starting to agree that an attack may be necessary and sooner rather than later (though POTUS doesn't want this and it is possibly a rhetorical signal to Iran for the current "negotiations" between our countries). 

Oh, and Egpytian politicians are really starting to lay on the "destroy Israel" rhetoric pretty heavily.

Break out your gas masks.

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