Monday, April 9, 2012

Crazy Is The New Normal

We have a running theme around here about how crazy the world is. (See). But there are some countries that really typify the insanity. Usually, they are far flung places like:

North Korea: where they plan to launch long range missiles which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. And, because missiles aren't always labeled accurately (sarcasm), there's no way for the international community to know if the North is trying to launch satellites or to practice sending up nukes... or actually sending up nukes... Part of the confusion might be the fact that North Korea has said they will detonate a third nuclear bomb as part of a "test"... around the time they send up the new long range missiles. So Japan and the U.S. plan on shooting down any big rocket that goes up. North Korea is super angry about that and has planned "merciless retaliation." [Meaning they plan on throwing a hissy-fit and then getting their rears handed to them by Japan, South Korea and the good ol' U.S. of A. if they are dumb enough to actually send artillery into the South.]

Then there's places like Iran. Iran, is very much crazy. So much so, that they skew the "crazy" bell-curve so far right that things like modern day imperialism seem pretty mundane (e.g. the Falkland Island dispute between Argentina and the U.K.).

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Currently, the U.S. and Iran are in talks through third parties in Turkey about the regime's nuclear bomb aspirations. It seems that the U.S. is pursuing a policy which would allow Iran to have "peaceful" nuclear programs operating under the watch of the IAEA.... because, you know, that always works. When you read that you can't help but think maybe the U.S. is suffering from a little crazy itself.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis might be worse than we thought... An ongoing problem in this country pertains to illegal immigration (roughly 11 million people in 2006). However, the real problem has nothing to do with people wanting jobs. It has more to do with added costs to our school systems, healthcare systems, infrastructure and other meaningless things like voting. We've complained about voter fraud before but the U.S. Supreme Law-Man, Attorney General Eric Holder, says, "Nah, it's no big deal this voter fraud thing." (paraphrased...) Well, perhaps THIS will get his attention. A white male was able to secure our Attorney General's voting ballot without showing identification (for the record, Eric Holder is not a white male). That's right, the Attorney General of the United States of America had his ballot taken on a whim. Maybe we should look into this voter fraud thing no?

If that isn't enough proof that we're getting a little nutty, there's also this. The State Department has been researching, and is now actively participating in, espionage against us. I like the creative approach but not necessarily the implications of a government with that much control or an obsession over watching its own people. Especially, considering the fact that Google and other private companies aren't exactly privacy-friendly. I mean, people might get concerned that the U.S.A. is heading down a path similar to the DPRK.

Another curiosity, is our government's inability to accept responsibility for it's own failures. (e.g. POTUS's recent spending debacle in Vegas somehow relates to the last president?)

If you add all of this up, and combine it with the social unrest, race-baiting politics, religious infighting, (and actual racism) of the day, you can't help but think maybe this guy is right.

Perhaps it's not just Iran or North Korea... or the State Department. Maybe we're all a little troubled. If only there were some message of redemption. Some kind of great act, even a miracle perhaps, that could give us real hope in a universal good.

Hahaha, nah, you'd be insane to believe in something like Easter. We should all write jokes about those moronic Christians on Facebook calling Jesus a zombie. Haha, that would be sooo funny and not offensive at all because it involves Christians and everyone knows Christians are hate-mongering republican a-holes that should be ridiculed as often as possible.

(*Side note, this post represents the most dynamically broad ranging post in TCD history; broaching virtually every major news story in one incoherently coherent post... Not sure how we did it but check out the hashtags at the bottom! The only one missing is TSA... And I just said TSA... Oh, Snap.)

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