Friday, March 23, 2012

The World Is Insane

A tragedy has occurred in Sanford, Florida and it is being exploited for racial politics. A young man, who was unarmed, was shot by a community volunteer watchman. The young man died following the incident and Sanford police began an investigation of the shooting.

While no one knows what happened exactly, a large number of people are arguing that the shooting was driven by racism. The watchman and his family have maintained that he was acting in self-defense. There are reports that the watchman was on the ground after someone screamed for help. Grass was found on the watchman's back after the incident which corroborates his position to some degree. A witness reported that after he saw the watchman on the ground, he heard a gun go off but did not witness the struggle between the watchman and the young man. Another witness states there was no struggle at all and therefore this was not self-defense. Despite there being no clear racial overtures, this incident has become a national argument about prejudice in America. One "leader" in the black community has gone so far to say that, “[s]oon the law of retaliation may very well be applied...”

An MSNBC host went on to comment that GOP candidates are responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin. That is not a joke. The theory goes, that because Trayvon is a minority and because he was in a primarily white neighborhood, he was targeted by the watchman who had underlying racial prejudices. And because GOP candidates are racist, as a group, they must have helped radicalize the watchman. There's only one problem with that theory. The watchman is a minority himself. Oh, AND he's a registered democrat.  (Also, the neighborhood is more mixed ethnicity than anyone cares to admit).

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The NAACP, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and even POTUS seem to be the one's who have preconceived notions about people based on their apparent race. After all, the watchman is somewhat "white looking" and has a last name which could be identified as belonging to someone of a different race than the young man who was shot. Therefore, the watchman's actions must have been the product of racism right? I guess we should ignore the fact that he, himself, is the product of a multi-racial family, including individuals of African decent, (so basically a lot like POTUS but he speaks Spanish)... Still, though, they're probably right. He probably is a member of the Hispanic KKK. I bet he even listens to talk radio.

I'm sick of racism. Genetically speaking, it is very possible that you share more in common with someone who is a different "color" than you do with someone who is the same race. So why is race an issue in this case? It isn't but it is being made an issue because of perceived ethnicity... by the very people who are supposed to be fighting against racism.

***UPDATE*** Turns out some of the facts have been skewed by "inaccurate" reporting. (I would call that "mistake" an intentional misrepresentation by NBC.) At least two (2) other news outlets have now back stepped / clarified their prior reporting which was "less than accurate" (and also very clearly intended to encourage the racial aspect of this story so they could get viewership and/or advance a political position). CNN initially released audio of the 911 call between police and Zimmerman stating that it appears he used racial slurs against Trayvon Martin. Now they say, well, no. Probably not. Oops . And then there's ABC, who reported that Zimmerman had no injuries to the back of his head (and therefore he's a racist liar). Turns out, the "enhanced ABC video" shows he DID have injuries. Doesn't that give you soooo much confidence in the "fourth branch" of our government? Thanks "news" people!

***UPDATED UPDATE*** Also, in case you doubted there was "reverse" racism in the United States, here is an audio/video thing by the New Black Panther Party which calls for bloodshed on April 9th over the Zimmerman/Martin shooting.

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