Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Around The World


Researchers out West are developing devices which could potentially decode your thoughts via implanted censors which detect electrical signals across the human brain. Our brains process sound in a similar fashion and it has been demonstrated that it is possible to decode the sound signals, inside our heads, and essentially play them back... outside of our heads. That's nuts.

Now, researches believe they can reproduce thoughts using a similar method. Essentially, they are trying to learn the wave patterns of thoughts, decode them and, whaaa-la, automatically know that you're thinking about stealing some stuff.

In Washington, POTUS' Supreme Legal Eagle, Attorney General Eric Holder, could find himself subject to contempt and jail time if he doesn't clarify what he knew about the deadly gun running operation executed by BATFE and the Department of Justice.


Down south, or I guess across the pond, if you're an Anglophile, there is a minor dispute about the Malvinas / Falkland Islands between Argentina and the United Kingdom. It seems the world's greatest colonialists since the Romans are accusing one-time colonialists of being naughty for trying to colonize a colony. That's kind of amusing in a way but you can't really blame the U.K. for wanting to keep this awesome little set of islands.


Where else but in the land of reasonless logic and good common senselessness could you get threats about attacking the United States, on American soil, and expect to get away with it? Yes, boys and girls, according to U.S. reports it now appears that dictators in Iran believe they should execute attacks within the United States. I would recommend to them that they do not. We tend to react rather nastily to those situations. Iran's leaders, being the idiots they are, will obviously ignore this advice and continue developing "peaceful nuclear programs" which will likely produce a bomb within one (1) year and a delivery system within two (2) or three (3) years. Hopefully, POTUS has his big-boy pants on this year and will stop apologizing for the West and start placing blame where it actually belongs.

* Also, not that TCD is saying we told you so, but, we told you (see the difference) that Iran would probably have a nuke by 2013 if things don't change significantly. It seems like that timeline is still accurate.

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