Wednesday, June 29, 2011


IRAN: So, yes, we have developed a thing which you are calling a missile. But that is not true. Your statements are slanderous, libel, imperialist propaganda. These new technologies are actually a progressive step forward in Iran's postal system. Now we can communicate with the international community at a much faster rate. These "mail trucks," as we call them, are much faster than traditional Iranian communication (camel). And so what if our mail truck is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in contravention of UN decrees? It's not an actual nuclear missile. It's a mail truck for goodness sake. Silly Zionists.

THE CLUSTER DUCK: It's a little early for an "I Told You So" but you can see where this is heading. At some point, there's going to be a big war and nukes will probably be involved. Iran desperately wants the twelfth Imam to show up and the only way for that to happen is a big war with lots of dead people.

Now, I know we promised to lighten the mood a little around here so here's a picture of a very cute kitten. You can't really seem him because he's being vaporized by a nuclear bomb... (I kind of feel like Glenn Beck today.)


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