Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hate Speech

During a recent political ruckus, a GLBT advocate / lesbian decided to advance "change."  The method for effecting such change was to stage an attack by proclaimed male Christians who allegedly cut the woman in various places, carved derogatory terms into her skin and then cut a large cross in her chest.  The police have now demonstrated (and she has plead guilty to the charge) of fabricating the attack.  Basically, she carved a cross in her own chest and said "Look what these Christians did to me!"  I guess her point was that Christians are horrible people who openly attack homosexuals with knives...  Since, after all, this is the middle ages. If that isn't her point, I'm not exactly sure what "change" she was trying to bring about.  That gays shouldn't trust themselves or their own views about Christians?  Her statement was certainly provocative but I think it points the intolerant finger more in her direction than at the Bible readers.

Never underestimate desperate, imbalanced people. Their form of political debate is the trickiest kind to combat.

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