Monday, August 27, 2012

Agenda's Aplenty

A Mormon owned t.v. station has recently decided that it will not run a show about a gay couple who is utilizing surrogacy to create a biological child (and which airs during prime-time when the "family" is traditionally huddled around the t.v.).  The Mormon church, as you may know, is a bit conservative and teaches highly offensive things like heterosexual marriage between adults and a belief in God (and the book of Mormon... but whatever the point is, they're conservative).  Naturally, the t.v. station's decision to not run the show has been met with calls of prejudice, hate-mongering and the ever-ubiquitous allegation of "homophobia."
Distilled, this real-life social drama boils down to a group (Mormon types) choosing not to advance views they disagree with.  And so, they deserve punishment and vitriol.  In the end, we walk away learning that the "New Normal" has more to do with forcing opinions on others and less to do with allowing people to live their lives -- or run their businesses-- as they see fit.  In fact, GLAAD has made it a point to call the church "dangerous." GLAAD's president stated the church was sending a "dangerous" message by not running the show with their message (GLAAD's) embedded in it.  HA!  How very democratic of them.  One "star" of the show, Ellen Barkin, called the church "shameful." (Ms. Barkin plays the intolerant, conservative bigot).

The real issue for me is the fact that the show looks absolutely horrible.  Why didn't KSL-TV just say, "This show is horrendously bad.  It's stereotypical portrayal of conservatives is tired.  The "jokes" are obvious, boring, un-creative and, frankly, not funny.  Plus, the characters seem like snotty annoying jerks. So, we've decided to run infomercials for an hour instead."  No one would have batted an eye. The truth is, if the show had been half as good as Modern Family, KSL-TV might have actually put it on the air.  Crappy product combined with excessive liberal politics is a recipe for disaster in any market; let alone a conservative one.
In other interesting news, a liberal media group is running an article about homosexuality being the result of environmental influences; more so, than biological predeterminations.  Hmmm, it seems environment can shape who we are.  I think I now understand why GLAAD is so offended by the Mormon attempts to defend their culture.  We can't simply allow other people to teach something we disagree with.  That would be... freedom.  Ewww, gross.

Here's another interesting note on screaming liberal tolerance. (Study finds liberals are least tolerant of all online users). 

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