Monday, August 13, 2012

Holder Still Holding Out two (2) years have passed since Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by guns provided to drug lords through our federal government.  You will note that, to date, there has been absolutely no punishment of any individual within the Department of Justice for this atrocity.  Eric Holder, the guy who is supposed to make us safe by establishing the rule of law, has openly refused to supply requested documents which would indicate the individuals responsible for permitting this atrocity.  Supreme Legal Eagle Holder has repeatedly refused to apply and defend countless laws in the United States and now openly thumbs his nose at a Congressional Subpoena.  As a result, he was held in contempt, yet, still serves at the President's pleasure.  Surely, he'll turn over the documents now right?  Wrong.  The House has been forced to file suit to enforce its subpoena through the courts.  The irony is that morons like Nancy Pelosi have the audacity to claim that the House, by enforcing it's powers and the flipping LAW, is somehow wasting tax dollars... because Holder refuses to follow the law.  I know.  It makes no sense.  Honestly, even as a liberal, why would you allow someone to run your party who is so incompetent and boldy dishonest?!  So what if she votes the way you'd like her to, she makes the entire group seem utterly insane.

More from the story:
Terry was killed in December 2010 in a gun fight with bandits who had crossed the U.S.- Mexico border. Two of the weapons recovered at the scene were part of Fast and Furious, an Obama administration operation that was supposed to try to track guns being sold to Mexican cartels, but which lost track of the weapons, allowing thousands to stream across the border.
 Two things to note...  This is "THOUSANDS" of weapons we are talking about.  It took two (really only one) to result in the death of officer Terry.  How many more are going to die from the other "unaccounted for" guns?  Secondly, we need to expand on the idea that the guns were "lost track of."  That's not really accurate.  In reality, we are told that the federal powers running this operation specifically ordered that we ignore the gun's movement.  The D.O.J. / BATFE put guns into the hands of murdering scum and specifically told agents to shut up when they protested the idiocy of the act.  Moreover, they told them not to follow or track the weapons.  And when they blew the whistle?  They threatened, demoted and punished them.

Fast and Furious is so "special" because it utilized “uncontrolled delivery,” whereby the criminals were essentially allowed to drop off the map. Moreover, the operation wasn't conducted with the cooperation or knowledge of the Mexican government.  Splendid.

Also, as we all know, the TSA is utterly and absolutely worthless.  Yesterday (or somewhere there abouts) an individual swam up to a fence, climbed over it and sauntered past a $100 Million "super-duper high tech" monitoring system.... all the way past the candy cane forest and right into the airport...  No, this isn't fiction.  It's TSA at its finest.  Good job TSA!  You deserve more of our tax dollars!!!  I'm so glad you fondle our junk.  That way, at least we know we are getting some return on our money.

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