Saturday, September 15, 2012

Death and Flames of Peace

Several U.S. embassies were recently stormed by "peaceful" extremist, muslim Jihadists.  During the peaceful protests several Americans were killed including an Ambassador in Libya.  After the initial wave of attacks on the embassy, it seems the peaceful muslims then proceeded to a nearby safe house to kill families and other Americans who retreated to the undisclosed location for security.  

Following the attack on the consulate in Libya, additional attacks took place in Cairo, Egypt and Tunisia.  

The black flag of Al Qaeda was raised and American interests were set on fire. Small incidents have also developed in Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan and elsewhere.  At home, there have been bomb threats in Texas and several other states.  There are additional "protests" taking place throughout the Middle East.  What is POTUS's response?  The Administration has taken the official position that the reason for the violence is an absurd film by a proclaimed American Coptic Christian.  The film patronizes Muhammad and generally criticizes Islam as being violent.  As a result, Obama has asked Youtube to suppress the first amendment rights of a U.S. citizen in hopes that, somehow, this will placate Al Qaeda.  Judging by the trailers, this movie looks horrible and trivializes the actual violence taking place against actual Coptic Christians in Egypt.  So how can this be the flashpoint for the current violence?  Either the followers of Al Qaeda Islam are really insane (such that they would kill over something so dumb) or our President is completely in the dark about what is really happening over there.  Perhaps, both answers are correct.

We now know that POTUS Obama's first round of Mid-East apologies wasn't successful.  Perhaps it will work on the second try?  After all, these people seem mentally grounded. 


Domestically, Solyndra's failure (and your tax dollars) have been converted into a multi-million dollar loss that is on display as "art."  Yes, the green economy of the future is based on converting billions in cash into trinkets that do nothing but look interesting.

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