Monday, February 6, 2012

The New Hitler

An Iranian website is calling for the eradication of ALL Jews and the complete destruction of Israel. This is not an entirely new sentiment among Islam's radicals. However, Iran's "semi-official" Fars "news" agency is re-running the article and, more or less, adopting its position. The story details what areas of Israel should be attacked, how they should be attacked and when they should be attacked (very soon). The Fars "news" group is run by Iran's Revolutionary Guard -- the top military group in the country who has pledged unending loyalty to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Iranian website and Fars "news" agency seem to credit Khamenei as supporting this mass genocide. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is your new Hitler:

(TCD thinks Mr. Khameini should speak with some of the remaining Nazis to see how well that plan worked out last time.)

The likelihood of Iran launching a preemptive strike against Israel directly is very low. Any such attack would be met with crushing reprisal from the entire civilized world (the U.S. and Israel in particular). So what's this all about... Primarily rhetoric but the real danger is, Iran may have developed an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile three (3) years ahead of schedule. We know that last week Iran's Ayatollah stated a major announcement was coming. (Perhaps they're closer to a bomb than anyone really thought?)

Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to develop six (6) nuclear warheads. Once they are capable of further enriching those materials, it will not take long for them to test a nuclear weapon. If Iran has a nuclear warhead, they can already hit Israel and most of western Europe. If you add an ICBM to the list of weapons, U.S. soil will become a part of their favored target list for said atomic bomb. Whether Iran will actually strike Israel depends on just how crazy they are. Even with Nukes, a war with the United States and/or Israel would be, ultimately, unsuccessful. Iran should know this, if it thinks logically, but the country might be buying into its own propaganda a little too much. So, you see, the rhetoric is actually more than rhetoric in a very strange round about way. Self-fulfilling prophecy if you will.

The real goal of Iran's rhetoric is more likely aimed at causing Israel to think twice about attacking them. However, the more incendiary the language gets, the more desperate Islam's radicalized base will be for Israel's destruction... if that's actually possible.

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