Thursday, September 8, 2011

POTUS Dodges Uncle Omar

Here's a quick update on POTUS's illegal immigrant, (allegedly) drunk-driving uncle who happens to also have an illegal Social Security Number and Driver's license. Recently, POTUS's professional talking head, press secretary Carney, was asked about the tiny little issue involving his relative who has lived in the U.S. for more than 19 years after being ordered out of the country. Mr. Carney said,"We expect it to be treated ... like any other immigration case." Ha,ha,ha! Isn't that the Obama Immigration Policy in a nut shell? Ignore it, do nothing, point the finger elsewhere.

So... it'll be interesting to see how DHS and ICE react from here. Whatever happens to Uncle Omar will happen with all other people similarly situated right? Good to know. I suppose that means we will also get to see how POTUS's new "priority" enforcement of immigration laws play out in the real word.

I'm guessing it means Uncle Omar ends up like dear ol' Aunt Zetunia, who was also in the country illegally but received "asylum" after POTUS was elected (and despite being previously ordered out of the country just like Uncle Omar). However, it is possible Uncle Omar will get deported like... Well I don't know anyone who POTUS has actually deported but I'm sure there are some bad guys they've kicked out.

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