Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Gets Better

Turns out Uncle Omar has a "valid" Social Security Number and a State issued Driver's License. However, you have to be in the country legally to get those things... legally. Well, well, well, now it seems we have a DUI arrest, eviction case and criminal fraud. Uncle Omar is seeming like a really nice guy.

For the record, if he has a Social Security Number that means he was entitled to SSN benefits including disability, etc. With that, he also would have been able to secure medicare/medicaid related benefits and an entire host of both state and federal government support (funded by tax payers). These benefits are intended for U.S. citizens and people who immigrate to the United States legally. Not people who sneak in through the back door, break our laws and ignore court ordered deportation. Was he receiving any of these benefits? I don't know but the point is, this is a glaring example of what's wrong with this country's immigration policy. The fact that he could get this identification shows the system is broken. The fact that he could get benefits which would have far exceeded anything he paid in is a further example of how detrimental illegal immigration is on the U.S. Citizen. Now go a step further, if this wasn't Uncle Omar but rather, some terrorist sympathizer, what kind of damage do you think he could do inside the United States if he decided to? Yet, we still don't enforce our own laws.

Do you think any reporters are looking into this? Do you think the White House's "priority" enforcement of illegal immigration is getting a bit messy? Do you think POTUS will do the right thing and ensure that Uncle Omar is deported pursuant to Federal law as we now know he has committed at least two crimes? I doubt it but we shall see.

Random other News Report: Shocking update indicates the sun is the driving force behind climate temperatures!


Turns out some Senators are now asking questions about the "priority" enforcement of U.S. Immigration laws which is obviously open to abuse, nepotism and preferential treatment. Selective enforcement of the law is rarely a good idea.

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