Sunday, May 6, 2012

Irony Versus Hypocrisy

Oh you silly politicians.

POTUS's stance on gay marriage (which is officially, "I don't know") is either irony or hypocrisy.  I'll let you, dear reader, decide which. Recently, Vice President Biden, a self-declared devote Catholic, stated he is greatly in favor of gay marriage.  POTUS, on the other hand, is not really against it or for it but is for it in a way but has said some stuff indicating he is against it kind of in a way while still supporting it but not directly ever in any way, kind of, somewhat, a little.  Confused?  Indeed.  Why can't politicians just say what they truly believe?  Something fundamental like this should elicit a clear position one way or the other.  Why wouldn't you just come right out and support gay marriage if you support gay marriage?  The reason is politics, plain and simple.  POTUS has a long tradition of splitting the fence and taking no position.  You can get away with that during a lot of local elections but at the federal level, especially for the presidency, at some point, someone is going to catch on. A friend of TCD's once wrote an article on POTUS' squishy, no-position on every-position approach to politics and that refrain seems to be catching steam in the media these days.  Take this article for example.

Another political irony comes from Elizabeth Warren who has claimed for years that she is native American (and seems to have benefited substantially from that partial identity).  However, it turns out she probably isn't Cherokee and, in fact, had family members who were responsible for rounding up natives and sending them down the Trail of Tears.

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And yet another irony revolves around POTUS' very pro-choice stance.  If you doubt his pro-choice credentials, recall that he voted against a bill while serving as state senator that would have required a hospital to provide medical care to a fetus if it survived an abortion (something that actually occurs).  He instead supported the idea of "comfort rooms" where the fetus would be left alone to die.  A very strange position made all the stranger by the fact that the White House, under POTUS's pro-choice leadership, requires visitors to register their unborn children ... as living visitors... That requires a lot of made up information about date of birth, sex and social security numbers (which aren't assigned until actual birth).  Ironic or hypocritical? .

ARMAGEDDON UPDATE:  It looks like Israel is organizing and getting ready to pick a fight.

MORAL DECAY UPDATE:  Bowl-A-Thon for 14 year old's abortion is viewed as a really good thing.

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