Monday, April 23, 2012


DARPA, the U.S. corps of mad scientists, launched a hypersonic test vehicle a while back.  We commented on that story briefly and mentioned that the first time we sent one of these up (and the only other time) the test vehicle imploded.  Or so the government told us.  Then came HTV-2 which was essentially a slightly tweaked version of HTV-1.  It too managed to fly at hypersonic speeds (Mach 20 in fact!) and like HTV-1, it proceeded to suffer structural anomalies after roughly nine (9) minutes of flight.  The vehicle then pitched over and presumably turned into a flaming ball of dust.  Allegedly.  In reality, I'm pretty confident the Falcon actually went back in time.  It seems Mach 20 is the real speed you need to reach.  Not 88 mph.


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