Friday, March 2, 2012

Progressive Theory Of The Day: After-Birth Abortion

Today, smarty-smart academic types are advancing progressive ideas throughout the world. Progress is generally good. I like progress. So progressivism is good right? Well, yes, until you read something like this and begin to think about what progress means in the real world.

Apparently, some scholars -- an actual professor and his prior associates at one of the world's more prestigious universities -- are saying that killing a newly born infant is not immoral. To them, killing a fetus in utero is no different than killing a newly born infant because neither has cognizable value or self-worth... or something to that extent. The idea is so far "advanced" and "progressed" that I have trouble making sense of it. It seems that this progress is light years ahead of anything moderates could possibly comprehend. Being the complete idiot that I am, I'm not sure how this is different from what the Barbarians did hundreds of years ago when a child was born "defective" but perhaps after four (4) more years of college education I will understand the subtle nuances.

Conservative types often argue that killing an infant is no different than killing a fetus. The point being, for conservative-types, that both acts are probably immoral because who would kill a newborn baby? You'd have to be some kind of sociopath to do something like that, right? However, our societal progressors say "Nay!" and actually adopt the same opinion but conclude otherwise. In their paper they argue that neither the new born infant nor the in-utero fetus have moral existence, self-worth or value. Interesting.

[The "scholars"] did not argue that some baby killings were more justifiable than others – their fundamental point was that, morally, there was no difference to abortion as already practiced.

They preferred to use the phrase “after-birth abortion” rather than “infanticide” to “emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus”.

Despite the obvious knee-jerk reaction to their conclusions, you have to at least compliment them for being academically honest by admitting that there is no significant difference between a moments-old-fetus and one that is in-utero. So "after-birth abortion" should became a new politically trendy word. Maybe "antenatal infanticide" will join the discussion in rebuttal.

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