Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange World


Saudi Arabia promised a while back that they would increase oil production, if necessary, to allay concerns over production cuts by other countries (thereby keeping the price of gas within bounds of reason). Thankfully, they held true to their word over the last several months. However, Iran has been being Iran, and stated they will not provide oil to the U.K. or France and very well may close the Strait of Hormuz (in addition to going nuclear). That has people worried. To top it off, the remainder of OPEC countries and refineries are cutting production for their annual spring cleaning.

"Well what does that mean?!" you cry. It means, oil prices are at an all time high-- as in the most expensive ever in the United States. So, thank goodness for Saudi Arabia right? Well, no. They've decided to cut production also.

We need more crude oil production here in North America. Some sort of oil-related "pipeline" from Canada might be a good idea, no? Too bad that didn't happen...


Quantum computing. Scientists have established a repeatable proof-of-concept indicating we can build computers at the atomic level (which means they could be extremely fast). These sub-nano micro processors would be created by stringing single atoms together by magic. And yes, this advancement will inevitably lead to this.

Naturally, the next step will be robots forcing us to live on lab grown hamburgers.

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