Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TSA How Good? Sooooo Gooood.

Gun on the plane, went through a scanner, discovered only after the individual was on the plane and the plane was gone from the terminal. TSA gets the gold star, thumbs-up, job well-done, pat on the back approval from TCD for keeping us safe today.

TSA also recently admitted what all of America knows: That they routinely and inappropriately search elderly women. The real story is that TSA claimed they followed protocols and did nothing wrong initially. Obviously, they've changed their position since it became utterly clear they did.

Last, but not least, TSA has no concern that radiation from their digital strip search machines will cause cancer to patients (excuse me, "travelers") and/or workers. Somewhere in the country a plaintiff's attorney is licking his chops while reading this official TSA Blog Post. The jury is going to love reading that while deliberating just how many zeros to put after the 1.

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