Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Sis Wants Omnipotence

DHS is reading blogs, the New York Times, the DrudgeReport, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and so on. Evidently, this is someone's job. Sounds a lot like us paying for someone to surf the net and waste time. Either that, or it is a major, black-ops, conspiracy theory, plot against US ALL! Ok, no it's not but it's annoying. The real question is how much money is being wasted?

Did you know it takes roughly 272 individual handlers to monitor and analyze the data from one reconnaissance drone? I wonder how many it'll take to monitor ALL of the internet. Sounds like a cost effective approach to defending our country... against ourselves...because the real threats are in the U.S. not Iran or Russia or China or Pakistan or Venezuela or even Cuba. Nope, you'll be surprised to find it's actually over at the Drudge Report.

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