Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Protesting Common Sense

Protestors in south Florida are joining a nationwide effort against POTUS / Obama for making the Secure Communities program mandatory. If you're unfamiliar with the program, it requires local authorities to run background checks on people they have ARRESTED or booked in jail to see if they are in the country illegally (or should be deported per Federal law). If this sounds eerily similar to the Arizona law that POTUS is currently spending lots of tax dollars fighting... its because it is.

Oddly, people who generally support liberal causes appear to be campaigning against (nay protesting against) POTUS for implementing a program which is progressively similar to a conservative backed movement.... which POTUS opposes but is implementing... to opposition by his own supporters? I think. I can't really keep it all straight but I guess the point is, there's no making sense of the senseless. I don't really see how someone could protest against enforcing the laws of the United States (which are almost universally supported by the U.S. public at large) but apparently some people are... It's all very strange. Generally, I thought secure borders and holding drug runners/human traffickers accountable was a good thing, no?

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