Friday, July 1, 2011


Occasionally, we will feature a news rundown for the day. Today's the first installment of many.

At home:

In Florida, St. Pete's Mayor is an idiot. Reprimands a cop for doing his job because the city has the worst crime rates in all of Florida.

Across the Gulf, Glenn Beck sets up his first compound of many (jealously reigns at The Cluster Duck).

Up north, parents are doing a really good job raising their kids.

Curiously, Russia, deploys two military brigades into the artic (to protect oil which it doesn't really own).

In the UK, government run healthcare is doing splendidly.

Down in Peru, they've built a statue of a world's greatest dictator, murder and hatemonger... Uhhp. Nevermind, its actually that guy who stands for the opposite of all those things but people still have their britches in a knot.

In Cyberspace:
The Govmint doesn't like twitter or business in general... (however, for the record, I hate twitter as well. It may be the most obnoxious marketing tool to ever exist.).Link


  1. I like these posts. They are funny!

  2. The Cluster Duck: Why thank Ms. Thanks for stopping by. We'll try to keep them coming.