Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Marching Gets Louder

ARMAGEDDON UPDATE:  Greece has a far left politician who is working to reject the Greek bailout plan proposed by Europe and the Troika.  The plan requires the country to cut its spending habits (the ones that caused Greece's problems in the first place) and to raise taxes.  The politician who is opposed to reason is named Alexi Tsipras.  He is a socialist / quasi-communist who caused markets around the world to reel this week after announcing his goal of stopping the bailout proposal (and opposing austerity measures which are needed to stablize Greece's debt spiral).  Mr. Tsipras has made these statements before but now he's getting close to accomplishing his goals.  What do we care?  Well, it's probably going to get Greece booted from the Euro-zone, further endangering the Euro, and, therefore, good ol' America.  Who knew Apocalyptic Contagion would actually refer to the economy when its all said and done.

Did you know Greece has a mandated, minimum of four (4) weeks paid vacation?  They felt four weeks was crazy...  so they want six.

But think of the good news, Greece will probably be selling really cool statues for cheap in about three (3) months.

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