Monday, December 19, 2011


North Korea's diminutive (and now dead) leader, Kim Jong Il, has left behind a power gap which will likely be filled by his son, Kim Jong Eun. You might think Kim Jong Il's death is good news but, really, it's kind of not.

Here's one quick example of why... Almost immediately after Kim Jong Il's death, the "People's Republic" launched several short range missiles as part of a "test." Those missiles didn't hit anyone, thankfully, and, of course, it wasn't the first time they did something like this but you get my point. The North will threaten war and follow through with an overt act if there is the slightest perception of weakness. The former runt, Jong Il, seemed to make that the basis of his entire foreign policy. A transcript from one such foreign policy meeting read as follows:

"Dear most-high, Supreme Leader who is stronger than superman, Chuck Norris and all ninjas, the South has put up a new mall threatening us and our people with capitalist propaganda. We are told they have color televisions for sale. What should we do?"
"Shoot them."
"Ahhh, yes sir! Very good wisdom sir. Very wise. We will shoot one of their boats and blame them for a border incursion."
"Say what you want, just shoot something."
"Yes, very good sir. Will do, sir."

Well, to top things off, we are now hearing that the North's nuclear arsenal is not entirely, how should we say, "stable." The presumed leader to be, Kim Jong Eun, son of diminutive and worthless tyrant, Kim Jong Il, will be the likely predecessor but whether he can keep control of the faltering country is anyone's guess. If he does rise to become supreme overlord, who is most tall and honored and of great height and handsomeness, it's not likely that he'll pursue peace talks given his worldly upbringing by dear old dad. So... in summation... there's an unstable country, in an unstable region, with unstable leaders and a collection of unstable isotopes just waiting to destabilize further. Merry Christmas.

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