Thursday, December 22, 2011

TSA Wastes Billions

I've said it, and said it, and said it again and again, and again, but I haven't quite said it the way that these people said it. So go read it: TSA sucks and wastes billions of dollars for nothing.

Mr. Schneier is quite right. What a waste. But the problem is so much more than lost cash.

The TSA's current approach is effrontery to our very existence as Americans. Mr. Schneier and the article have focused on the foolish waste of resources but, in reality, the biggest harm is not to our finances, it is to our freedoms. Today, not only have you lost your right to be free from illegal search and seizure, you have paid a government moron to look at you naked, touch you inappropriately and violate your family before your very eyes. This destruction of liberty undermines the very fabric which knits our country together. The glory of America is not our resources, it is our freedom. Freedom keeps these United States united. Take that away, and I promise you the South will curse the North and the East will gladly flip the West a bird. Everything becomes a power grab when liberty is taken from the individual. I recognize that is a strongly worded sentence but I don't believe we should undervalue attacks on the Constitution.

And to what end? Over the last ten (10) years more Americans have died in bathtubs than in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil (thanks in no part to the TSA). Our military and counter-intelligence have kept us safe, not these botan waiving goons. So, again, why are we paying them so much money to act like idiots?

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