Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chevy VOLT's Have Trouble Starting

Because they burn to the ground after side impact crashes. Chevy Volt's are finally heating up... because they catch fire. (I know. Sorry. I couldn't resist)

Anyways, it's no biggie. Not like you paid for them with your taxes. Now to the good news, Chevy says the VOLTs don't catch fire until several days after an accident AND they will happily repurchase any Volt from concerned owners. I guess that's positive reassurance but it won't change the sales forecasts. In reality, it sounds more like damage control to me. I imagine it's cheaper to buy back a bunch of cars at $40,000 versus paying for lawsuits of burned up mechanics and post-accident drivers.

*** UPDATE*** Actually, Chevy says they WON'T buy them back, they'll give you a loaner vehicle for awhile. But that begs the question, didn't I buy a Volt because I didn't want another vehicle? How ironic it would be if Chevy had to loan Volt owners Nissan Leafs.

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