Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are currently two financial "scandals" underway in our country. Actually, there are a whole lot more but only two have received attention recently. One pertains to Solyndra (a solar panel developer that received a lot of money from you). It went belly up. That's not too shocking. I mean we did the same thing with Chevy and Chrysler. This one gets the Duck's attention because Solyndra is owned, in part, by one of POTUS's major political donors. The House of Representatives is now actively investigating those loans which internal White House documents show was questionable from the outset. POTUS's administration actually considered a second massive loan only a short time before the company filed bankruptcy. What is even more shocking is the administrations response to the loans. POTUS's supreme talking head, Mr. Carney, recently got rather pissy with the questioning public because he felt the House's investigations were "partisan." Here's his comment:

"When we hear the Speaker of the House saying that the Republicans will be, quote, relentless, in pursuing this oversight investigation," said Carney, "I think most American people wish they would be as relentless in taking measures to help the economy and create jobs."

Here's the beautiful irony of it all... the loan to Solyndra was pushed by POTUS and his buddies because it would "help stimulate the economy" and create "shovel ready jobs" which our country desperately needs. In reality, that never happened. We lost billions of dollars to a long-shot joke of a company at POTUS' behest. Now, more than 1100 workers have been laid off and Solyndra lost more than 1/2 BILLION dollars (your dollars). Now that the House is investigating, the Obama Administration is saying the recent criticism is misguided partisan politics. Are you serious?! Someone please transport me back to Earth.

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The second comedy of errors pertains to Smallpox and a bit of capitalist cronyism. Obviously, smallpox is no joke and that's why we eradicated it four (4) decades ago. Currently, the only known place where smallpox exists is in high security labs (in the U.S. and Russia... naturally). These labs are highly controlled places meaning there is a very small chance of an outbreak. However, even if there was an outbreak, we have stockpiles of vaccines. These presently available drugs cost the U.S. Government less than $5 per dose. There is enough stored within our borders to inoculate the entire U.S. population. Seems like we're fairly well protected from an unlikely threat. Well, that didn't stop POTUS from pushing for a second drug... to add a second level of "security" to this extremely unlikely threat. Of course, the person developing the drug is an old pal (see below).

TCD believes preparedness is never a bad idea but wasteful spending on an irrational threat when there are REAL threats, IS a bad idea. Especially, when you already have a plan in place that is sufficient and more cost effective.

Here's a little more background on the story that you'll love... Evidently, the "new" pill can be given more than four (4) or five (5) days after exposure which will prevent further outbreaks. That sounds pretty good until you hear this... The cost of the "new" pill is more than $250 PER DOSE. We'll need enough for the majority of the U.S. population under the POTUS backed initiative.

So, given those figures, what is the sum total that POTUS managed to secure for his financial donor? Nearly 1/2 BILLION dollars. (In Zeros: $500,000,000) That = A LOT.Who is this political backer? Ronald O. Perelman (above, I think). POTUS not only secured this questionable funding from the government (note that this wasn't a loan it was guaranteed money) but the White House actually stepped in and made sure that SIGA was the ONLY bidder for the project. When other companies attempted to get involved, it appears there was direct POTUS action to quash any such thoughts. In day to day life that's an anti-trust and tortious-interference issue. In today's times, it's just politics. So you see my dear reader, always have Trust and Faith in government run economies. They have YOUR best interests in mind.

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