Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the Patron Saint of The Cluster Duck

(Listen, I know it's not a flattering picture but it's a mug shot for goodness sake. Besides TCD thinks she's beautiful.)

Meet Yukari Miyama. She was recently arrested for touching a TSA agent in the same manner that the TSA agent touched her. Evidently it's illegal to touch someone about their private bits when you have no legal authority or probable cause. Who knew?

***UPDATE*** We now have a Second Patron Saint at TCD: Mr. Aaron B. Tobey.

A young man, Aaron B. Tobey, recently decided he would help expedite TSA's process of strip searching every passenger by taking off most of his clothes. (He also happened to have the 4th Amendment written on his chest). Well, as a result, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and held at length despite not having committed any crime. TSA attorney's have argued he was placed under arrest because he "refused to go through a scanner" which is evidently illegal now. Obviously, this is a clear case of false imprisonment. We wish Mr. Tobey and his attorney the best of luck in their litigation against the TSA.

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