Monday, June 27, 2011

OH TSA!? You so silly.

TSA made a 95 year old woman, who is fighting cancer, remove her adult incontinence brief (diaper) during it's "security screening." Afterward, TSA said their agents were "respectful" and followed appropriate procedures. Really? I'd like to see the handbook on that one. I didn't realize Homeland Security had raised the alert level on 95 year old, cancer patients to Code HELL N' BLAZES, OMG, FIRE RED.

At least we got that old bag before she was able to attack us like that last one did. There was a gray haired, crippled old lady involved in the 9/11 flights wasn't there?

Well if not then who did it? Oh, B.S. there's no such thing as extremist muslims (who threaten to kill Christian's and Priests and occasionally burn down homes). *** Correction, frequently burn down homes and kill Christians.

**TSA UPDATE** We didn't "require" her to take the adult diaper off, we just told her she couldn't fly unless she did it. Isn't that the same thing?!?!

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